V2 LoadAll – Truck Bed Ramp System

The V2 LoadAll Truck bed ramp system is a convenient and affordable self-storing loading system that works great for loading ATV’s, UTV’s, tractors, motorcycles and much more.  The LoadAll truck bed ramp slides in on its own and can be used in many different light duty applications. The hardware in this system is all made from heavy-duty steel while the platform is a strong and durable aluminum which allows this truck ramp system to be rust free.

This LoadAll V2 is one of the best loading systems on the market today. The V2 installs in the bed of your truck, consuming only 5 inches of height and works by pulling the ramp out of the platform like a dresser drawer. A dolly carries the ramp out over the tailgate of your truck with out even touching it. A bridge plate then flips forward so there is no gap. You simply load all your stuff and put the ramp away under the load and close the tail gate. This LoadAll V2 just makes it plain and simple for you to load all your toys and works awesome for just about anything you can fit in the bed of your truck.

Installing the LoadAll V2 to the bed of your truck is a breeze you place the platform in the truck so that it is centered between the wheel wells. With the tailgate shut there should be about 1 inch between the rear of the platform and the inside of the tailgate. Then, with the tailgate in the down position, simply slide out the dolly from the platform to ensure that the dolly rolls over the tailgate without the two touching. Next, the mounting brackets are placed on each corner of the V2, they should be about 10 inches from the front of the unit and 6 inches from the rear. You will have to drill down through the bracket and the bed of your truck with a 1/2 inch drill bit. Before drilling make sure the brackets are positioned so that they are not above the frame rails or any other obstruction. After that you will place the eye bolts in the holes with a nut and washer on the top and underneath the truck. Place the eye bolts in the holes with a nut and washer on top and underneath the truck and tighten the bolts and nuts securely. You then pull the dolly out and place the ramp wheels into the dolly side rails and slide the ramp back into the platform. Be sure to have the ramp out completely before setting it on the ground so you do not damage the dolly. IF you keep the tracks and wheels clear of any debris, your LoadAll V2 system should last a lifetime.

DiscountRamps and LoadAll motorcycle ramps are two of the first companies to offer these ramps. The LoadAll V2 loading system is for long beds and measures 48.75 inches wide by 96 inches long by 5 inches high. The model 640 is for short beds and measures 48.75 inches wide by 76 inches long. Custom units in virtually any size up to 5 feet wide by 10 feet long, are also available. The model 800 which DiscountRamps currently offers has an 8 foot platform and an 8 foot ramp. The width of the V2 is ramp is 44.25 inches wide and the whole system is 5 inches tall. The pull out truck ramp by LoadAll has six rollers inside the platform that allows the ramp to slide out with ease. The machined side of the truck ramp has a non-skid surface, which provides you with lasting traction and allows you to load your toys in the rain. The lightweight loading system is made from a 6061 T6 aluminum that won’t rust even after its exposed to harsh elements. This self storing ramp can hold and evenly distributed 1300 pounds, due to the weight of your vehicle being rested on the platform on the ramp, and not on the tailgate like other similar systems. This load anything ramp system gives you extra ground clearance when you need it, and its provided by a 24 inch flip plate that gives you a slight incline for your lower clearance vehicles. The V2-800 installs easily with four slotted brackets and 4 eye hook bolts that also double as tie-down points for securing your cargo. Being so easy to use is just one of the many great features of this V2-800, you can load your toys up by yourself, go home, and unload them by yourself as well.

If you would like to know more or are interested in purchasing either of these items please visit the LoadAll or DiscountRamps websites! There are a variety of accessories available for the LoadAll V2 truck ramp as well, including a ramp extension kit, a ramp width extension kit, table legs, and ramp extension legs. Load up and go with the LoadAll V2-800. If you are using a 2005 or newer Ford Truck you must order the LoadAll-Hinge-27 with the V2-800.


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